Artificial Neural Network: The Brain Behind Today’s Smart Technology

The Artificial Neural Network(ANN) and How It Works

“Human brains and artificial neural networks do learn similarly,” explains Alex Cardinell, Founder and CEO of Cortex, an artificial intelligence company that uses neural networks in the design of its natural language processing solutions, including an automated grammar correction application, Perfect Tense. “In both cases, neurons continually adjust how they react based on stimuli. If something is done correctly, you’ll get positive feedback from neurons, which will then become even more likely to trigger in a similar, future instance. Conversely, if neurons receive negative feedback, each of them will learn to be less likely to trigger in a future instance,” he notes.

Neurons and Synapses

Learning How the Neural Networks Learn

Architecture Of Neural Network

It’s a fact that the neural network can operate and improve its performance after “teaching” it but it needs to undergo some process of learning to acquire information and be familiar with them.

ANN’s Method of Learning

What are neural networks emulating in human brain structure, and how does training work?

Why Do We Use Neural Networks?

Attributes of Neural Networks

Real-World and Industry Applications of Neural Networks

Business Applications of Neural Networks:

The Challenges of Neural Networks

The Future of Neural Networks

“We need to remember that artificial neural networks and deep learning are but one set of techniques for developing solutions to specific problems. Right now, they’re the ‘big thing,’” opines Richard Yonck, Founder and Lead Futurist of Intelligent Future Consulting and author of Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence.



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